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Children Arriving at School

Campaigning for a sustainable school run

A safe, clean and green school run for every child.

OUR vision

We’re on a mission, we think every pupil at every school should be able to get there safely, easily and sustainably, regardless of how far away they live. We want a school run that works for everyone, with an array of convenient, sustainable, travel choices. Whether it's a 13-year-old cycling independently to their local secondary school, an eight-year old taking an electric mini-bus, or a five-year-old in their parent's cargo bike.

who are we?

We’re parents fed up with the chaos, congestion, road danger and air pollution our children have to face on the way to school each day.

The difference between term time traffic and school holiday traffic made it very clear to us what the problem was, but helpful data was hard to find.  We started to research the situation using government sources and felt that what we discovered would be helpful to campaigners all over London (and beyond!). As the problems became clear, so did the solutions.

Read on to find out how our data analysis can help you find the most effective solutions for school run traffic near you.

Ways to improve the school run

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Children Arriving at School

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